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Le Rouge D’Ottrott


In 1109 the arrival of Benedictine monks in our village marked the beginning of vine cultivation.
Arriving from Burgundy with Pinot Noir vines, it is their influence that will permanently embed the culture and development of a unique red wine: Le Rouge d’Ottrott.
This communal appellation is unique in Alsace as it implies being planted solely with Pinot Noir. The iron-rich soil found here is excellent because it has limited water retention capacity which makes it particularly adapted for growing high quality grapes.

Le Rouge d’Ottrott
and its vine

east plot

The main part of the vineyard is located to the East of the village, with gentle South-East facing slopes (3-5%) and at an altitude of 260 m. This area is surrounded by a motorway and some local roads.

North plot

The second part of the vineyard is spread to the North of the village on moderate slopes (10-15%). It faces south-south-east and rises to 300 m. The area is geometrically homogeneous and well structured around the village. The vineyards are nestled at the foot of the Sainte Odile mountain and are therefore protected from the winds.

our Wine

Today, the vineyard of Ottrott extends on about thirty hectares and our famous red of Ottrott is known well beyond the borders.