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Our Estate


Since 1995 we have been affiliated with the Organization of Independent Winegrowers.

This is particularly important because it attests how we conduct and control the entire chain of production in the elaboration of our wines. We have always chosen to manage the entire production chain, starting from growing the grapes to bottling the wines. In so doing we feel we can produce wines that resemble our family and convey our vision of happiness to you. 

Eco-tourisme : randonnée responsable dans les Alpes


Our estate grows many grape varieties and possesses many plots of vines, they each have varying ages, exposure, and terroir. The harvest is decided on a day-to-day basis, via technical tests (analysis of sugars, acidity, etc.) and tasting (tasting of berries.)

From picking to bottling
From picking to bottling

From Vine
to Glass

The whites

White wines are fermented at low temperature to maintain the integrity of their aromas. They are then aged on fine lees for several months until the desired balance is reached. They will then be bottled at the estate.

The reds

For the reds, an extra maceration step is necessary to extract the color and the tannins. They are then matured in casks or oak barrels for several months to harmonize the various aromas.


We have been applying the principles of organic farming in our vineyards since 2015.

This is a key step not only in the quest for a higher quality of wines but also contributes to the sustainability of our land for future generations.


Organic farming requires a greater presence in the vineyard in order to

  • Control the grass
  • Observe the plants closely
    so as to anticipate the development of possible diseases or fungi.
  • Harvest is done mainly by hand
    so that we preserve the integrity of the grapes
  • This changes the work in the cellar which has become more accompaniment, rather than vinification
    Because of the high quality of the grapes, longer fermentations
    bring forth finer aromas and a more natural balance of the wine.